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Welcome to the website of D66 Lisse. We are the department in Lisse of the political party D (for Democrats) 66 (founded in 1966). Whether you are a first time voter in The Netherlands, or you have been here since long, we welcome you to read our priorities for the elections of March 21st, 2018.


Can I vote for the municipal elections of March 21, 2018?

In municipal elections (Gemeenteraad), expats have the right to participate as long as they are registered with their municipality. Non-EU citizens must have lived in the Netherlands uninterrupted for at least five years.


Main themes of D66 Lisse

  1. Education
  2. Sports and exercise
  3. Sustainability


Top priorities

  • DigiFund education; teachers and pupils in Lisse can receive compensation to increase their digital skills or for the digitization of education.
  • Every primary school deserves a concierge! Incentives for concierges on primary schools.
  • We want to set up a citizen panel and a youth council to promote participation in the government.
  • A sustainable, green and environmentally conscious approach.
  • D66 rewards investing in sustainability. Private owners of homes older than ten years get a 50% discount on OZB for two years, if they improve the energy label of their home with two steps.
  • Less rules; more entrepreneurship. Diversity in terrace precario.
  • D66 stimulates a healthy lifestyle. For example, we want water taps in school squares and playgrounds.
  • Sports and exercise fit into a healthy, active life. We make a plan for the design of a mobile-friendly public space.
  • We are fighting against long waiting lists in youth care.
  • D66 is against budget cuts on the budget intended for culture.
  • The digital highway for individuals and entrepreneurs is being improved with the installation of optical fiber to every house number.

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